I Can’t Call In Sick

My FeetI had every intention of making this another productive day but a headcold came up and slapped me smack dab in the face.

I contacted a couple recruiters, leaving messages with both of them. What is it about Tuesdays? Recruiters are never there to answer the phones and they never find time to call you back on Tuesdays. I wonder what the story is?

I tried to contact the company that runs our home owners warranty about our air conditioner. There was no answer three times today. I hope they haven’t “disappeared” because of the economy. I wonder if they are eligible for a bailout?

I did find time to install and test most of the applications that came with the MacHeist Bundle. There is only a little bit of time left, but it looks like they will make over $800,000 for charity in just 2 weeks. In this economy, that is awesome!

Okay enough already. I am starting every paragraph with “I”, and that means it’s time that “I” get some rest. I have a lot to do tomorrow and everyone knows when you’re job hunting you can’t call in sick!

More tomorrow…