A Great Day. Unlocked.

WaspUnlike yesterday’s un-productive productive day, today was quite productive from the start.

I sat down at the desk this morning and began sending emails and making phone calls (as per my normal Monday routine), but the best part of the morning came at 10:46 when MacHeist donations reached $500,000 and the remaining applications were unlocked.

I spent the next two hours installing and working with The Hit List and Espresso. I have to tell you what. The Hit List is going to make doing all my “chores” much easier to track, and Espresso, what can I say about that?

The Hit List is a “to-do” type application that has already streamlined my way of getting things done today, and Espresso is the perfect editor for a hard-coded coder like me.

One undiscovered jewel (for me anyway) was discovered when I installed Delicious Library 2, and installed more than 300 movies into the database to keep track of them.

I found out that one of the positions I had applied for (and was in the running for) was offered to someone who had voiced an interest before the company even started hiring, so I was a little disappointed with that news. I said “a little” because while I would have taken the job, when I discovered how they offered the position to this person after they interviewed everyone, I realized I didn’t want to work for someone like that anyway.

Our air-conditioner went out a couple months ago, it turns out an electrical cable shorted out on the coolant line and pierced it. I found out today that the air conditioner (well, leaks in the coolant line) are covered under my homeowners warranty so I will be making calls in the morning to get that taken care of. Yay for the homeowners warranty!!!

We’re making plans to attend a local photography club meeting, since the kids and I are really getting back into photography this year. Who knows, we might even learn something!

The weather “experts” say were still going to get snow tonight. I have yet to see a flake, and I doubt I will see one anytime soon. If I do, I will get a photo and post it here.

A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words.