April Showers

Pileated WoodPeckerI had quite a busy morning. It rained overnight and the ground was really wet outside when we woke up. I gave the dogs a bath last night, so I figured it would probably rain enough to muddy up the place.

While the kids were downstairs with mommy doing their reading, writing, and arithmetic, I was up here following up with recruiters, and touching bases with a few potential employers.

While I worked the phones, I also worked on putting Joe’s video together. He shot video of the dogs yesterday afternoon and wanted them put together in a video. He thought hard about a title, the arrangement of the clips, and the overall presentation of the video, then he asked me to sit and do it while he was in school for the day. By the end of this summer, I am going to have them producing their own videos completely by themselves.

Here is Joe’s video.

Make sure you click the HD version, it’s much clearer than the standard one. You can also watch it on Facebook. The quality of Facebook videos are second to none, IMHO.

I was shocked to learn today that one of my job recruiters, in fact, the first one who contacted me for a real job possibility, was laid off today. She wasn’t the only one either. They laid off all of their recruiters today. You know the industry is doing bad when the job recruiters are being laid off and the businesses are changing their business models.

Later in the afternoon, the boys and I walked down to the creek again, in search of the woodpecker or the hawk that we know is down there somewhere, but we didn’t see either one of them today. We did get a few photos, so be sure to look for them on OptiBytes soon.

We’re supposed to have more storms tomorrow, some of which could be kinda tricky, but I am loving all the rain we’re getting. We needed it so badly, and it’s nice that we are finally getting it in amounts that are actually beneficial to many areas of the state.

I think that’s it for tonight, I need to put some batteries in the charger and check my calendar for tomorrow. This unemployment is becoming a full time job.