It’s About Time

I finally heard from a recruiter. Of course, it wasn’t one of the ones I have been communicating with, but an entirely new recruiter who has just started working with a company a few other recruiters are working for.

She didn’t have a position to discuss with me, and no opportunities on the horizon, she simply wanted to introduce herself to me. Her introduction would have been a lot more impressive if she had something to offer other than a “hello, I am here, I will call you when I have anything, thanks, bye”.

I’ve developed a lot more of the new site, but have fallen a bit behind. There is no way I will be able to launch tomorrow, because, well, honestly, the site is just not there yet. So why am I here typing then? There is work to be done.

More tomorrow…

24. Hours. And Counting.

Today was a good day. I finalized some things that needed finalizing. Wow that sounds weird. I finished doing some things that were in desperate need of being finished. Does that sound any better?

I have my business plan in mind, and I have outlined goals I want to reach in the next 30, 90, and 180 days. I see no reason why I cannot reach those goals if I stay focused and I keep moving forward. I worked on the new site all morning today and this afternoon I got a call from the Office of Community Development that my business license was approved and I could pick it up. It’s now sitting on my desk waiting for a frame. I wonder where we put those when we organized?

Tonight and tomorrow night are my final two nights of development. I have approximately six more pages to write the content for and the project will be completed. Once I launch the new site on Friday, I will be able to focus on the next step in the process. That step includes designing a brochure and some new business cards so I can start networking on Monday.

I sent several more emails this morning and I still haven’t heard from a single recruiter (out of 9 of them) for nine days now. The latest reports show that the job market is picking up in North West Georgia, but I wouldn’t know it from the lack of contact from the job recruiters who seem to be ignoring me.

That’s it for tonight. No photo and no pithy philosophical quote either. I have work to do and about 24 hours to finish it. Now I know how Jack Bauer feels, only without the fighting, gunfire, torture, and heart pounding action.

I Don’t Twiddle Well

CabinI haven’t heard from a recruiter in eight days. I’ve emailed them all, left voicemail for some of them, and have not heard a single word in eight days.

After the third day with no response, at all, from any of them, I was really angry. These are people who do not get paid the big bucks unless they place people in jobs. How does ignoring people when they email or call going to make them any money?

By the fifth day I was fed up, completely. I decided right then and there that it may be time to start working on my own idea, while I wait for the phone to ring. I researched the market in our area, my wife came up with an awesome name, and yesterday, I applied for the business license. I should receive a call sometime tomorrow that it is ready to picked up. Our county is cool that way.

So, today, I have been placing calls again. This time I am calling prospective clients, not prospective employers. I applied for four positions I found on one of the job sites, but while I wait for that phone to ring the last thing I am going to do is sit here twiddling my thumbs.

A Few Steps Closer

Black Rock LakeGidget and the boys accompanied me down to the Office of Community Development where I applied for my business license today. I should get a call in the next day or so to come down and pick it up. How cool is that? One step closer to taking that big step. Again.

Many years ago, I wrote custom software. Many of the packages I put together were customized with one or two people in mind, and were offered as freeware, shareware, and even email-ware. I started out writing applications in Turbo Pascal and had a whole series of games written for some of the people I worked with at the time.

When I met my wife, eleven years ago, I was writing custom applications for IRC, as well as a few office utilities that proved to be quite popular at the time. There are still more than 100 downloads of Gidget’s DateFinder each month. It’s a simple application, but apparently quite a few people still find it quite useful.

When we moved here to Georgia, I ran my own business again, offering web design, software development, and internet service and hosting. We sold that business ten years ago to the company that laid me off just three months ago.

So here I am again. I am still looking for full-time work, but in the meantime I figured it’s time to step up and start making contacts and re-starting what I do best… Running my own business.

It’s scarier this time, however, because we have kids now and we have no other source of income. I have no doubt I can do it, and maybe this is what God has planned for me all along.

With His guidance, I’ll just keep taking one step at a time. As long as I don’t start walking backwards I should do just fine.

It’s All Coming Together

ariainteractive.pngI’ve got big plans tomorrow.

The project still isn’t complete, but I can’t really put it live yet anyway, not for a couple more days anyway.

After more than 20 years working in software development and web design, and after spending the past three months looking for a full-time job, I have decided to hang out a shingle and see if I can drum up some business on my own. Don’t get me wrong, I am still looking for a full-time job with benefits, but until that comes along I thought I might as well get as much income flowing into this house as possible.

I don’t have enough of the main design completed yet, but as you can see, I did finish the logo. I spent the past few days working on a business plan, researching the market in our area, and tomorrow I will head down to the county offices and apply for my business license. Everything should be up and running by Friday.

If I can line up a few customers with contract positions, I might just be able to pull in enough to cover the bills comfortably, and then some.

More tomorrow…

Bear With Me

StumpI spent most of the day today working in the garden and mowing the back 40.

Gidget spent a few hours yesterday working in the garden and I helped her as long as I could. I don’t do well in the heat, especially in the direct sunlight, but I got five rows done so she can just turn on the hose and the garden will water itself.

As I recovered from the heat, I worked on “the project” for a while, and then I went back outside and started mowing the backyard. The battery is dead in the riding mower, but I am able to jump start it with the truck, so it’s not all bad.

As you know, our air conditioner is out, with a nice hole in the main line. As we wait for the builder to repair the unit (it’s covered under our home warranty), we purchased a window air conditioner from Wal-Mart for $100. Let me tell you something. Our living room is just as cool with that thing running. It’s nice to have while we wait.

Now, I am going back into the pit to work on “the project”. I was hoping to have it done tonight, but that just wasn’t going to happen.