Workshops, Patience, And Stake Outs

The BridgeI spent the morning organizing all of the notes on my desk, which proved futile. I have been jotting notes while speaking with recruiters and I have scribbled on the bottom of so many different pages I realized that I needed something to organize my job search.

After a quick trip to the store for an inexpensive day planner, I have all of the information I need in one place. I have all of the notes I have taken sorted by recruiter and/or company, and I have all of my contact numbers listed at the front so I can make my follow-up calls without having to turn a page.

I have to jump through another hoop tomorrow morning when I travel over to the Department of Labor for a “resume writing” workshop that I am required to attend. Unemployment checks have been deposited into my account each week for two months and they want me to attend this workshop now? It doesn’t make sense. What do they think I have been using when applying for jobs for the past two months?

I followed up with the two recruiters where I have pending “action” happening. I called the first one to get feedback on the interview I had early last week, and we are hoping to hear about the “second round” of interviews sometime this week. I talked to the second recruiter about that last minute “surprise” interview I had late last week, and it looks promising, but we will not hear anything until later this week as well. I guess I just have to be patient, and anyone who knows me knows that’s not one of my best traits.

We saw what we think is a Cooper’s Hawk down the street today, but it flew by so quickly none of us were able to get a photo of it. We’re planning a stake-out of the creek later this week to catch some shots of that beautiful creature. I did get a photo of a Great Blue Heron tonight, just as he took flight to get the heck away from us. It’s not the best shot, but it shows how big they really are. I will add it to my post tomorrow.

That’s it for tonight. I need to get my sleep so I can deal with going to that “class” tomorrow.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.