It’s All In The Message

CardinalWe spent the day stuck indoors, but that didn’t stop us from taking more bird photos. The temperature was in the 40s or low 50’s most of the day, so when the rain stopped I cleaned the windows on the back door and the boys stood inside taking photos of the birds coming to the feeder.

They thought it was amazing how many birds came up while they were standing there, I guess they still don’t understand that the birds could care less as long as they stayed inside behind the glass.

When I wrote my post last night about “Earth Hour” I never imagined that Al Gore would help prove my point. If you still think that “Earth Hour” was meant to change anything last night, don’t you think Mr. Gore should have participated in the evening’s event?

There is no doubt that Al Gore is the international poster child for those suffering from GWDS (Global Warming Derangement Syndrome). He has spent years speaking about the dangers of global warming and climate change. In fact, he makes $100,000 per speech and sometimes more on the subject. It’s obvious he gets paid that much to speak on the subject because he’s an expert on all things related to climate change, wouldn’t you agree?

Well, then why didn’t he turn off his lights last night? In the past, we have learned that Al Gore burns through more electricity in one month at his house than your entire family does in an entire year. The man has a ton of lights at his place, yet he didn’t turn them off to participate in “Earth Hour”.

If “Earth Hour” was meant to send a message or make a difference, you’d think the poster child himself would have made sure every light at his estate was turned off in observance of the historic event.

Turning the lights off for an hour at Al Gore’s estate is the equivalent to turning the lights off at your house for 12 days. You do that math. Al Gore could have helped raise awareness for the cause that is so near and dear to his heart wallet, but instead he chose to ignore that cause while you chose to sit in the dark.

If that doesn’t send a message I sure don’t know what does.