Watching The Weather And Waiting

Chipping SparrowNo news is good news, or so the saying goes.

I didn’t hear anything all day, except that I had to be patient and wait. So, as I said, no news. But that was good, because that means they are most likely checking references and performing a background check.

I started the day quite late today. For some reason I slept in. Could it have been something I ate, or could I have just been exhausted. I’ve been getting plenty of sleep, so I am guessing that my belly was so full that I was content to sleep for a long, long, time.

It’s been raining here for the better part of two days and it’s not over yet. At this very moment there is heavy rain and strong storms headed our way. The local weather “experts” say the storms won’t be here until morning. Looking at the local radar, it’s going to be here long before dawn.

I’ve been testing some of the software packages included in the MacHeist Bundle, and I must say, I am quite impressed with a few of the titles that I didn’t really think I would be too interested in. If you’re a Mac user, you’re too late to get the extra game bundle for being one of the first 25,000 people to get one, and you have just ten more days to grab your bundle.

I want to take the boys on a photo hike this weekend. I just have to decide where and when. With the rain coming in tomorrow, we’ll probably have to wait until Sunday, but that’s cool as long as we get a chance to get out and fill up some SD cards.

Our character is what we do when we think no one is looking.

For now, I will sit back and watch the weather while I plan our day on Sunday. What do you have planned this weekend?