Hot Under The Collar

House FinchIt looks like I made it to the second round.

As you may know, I had an interview last week, that I thought went quite well. It turns out that I did do well, and I will be included in the second round of interviews when they take place. The recruiter for this position isn’t sure when the second round will take place, but I should hear something fairly soon.

A few days ago I posted about the neighbor burning his trash. I don’t know what it is with people here, but I can’t figure out why some of them choose to burn. I can see burning leaves and other yard debris if you are doing so to help add nutrients to the soil, or whatever. Personally I would prefer to add the debris to the compost bin and let it work that way. When you take care of a compost bin there is no smell and no hassle. Burning your leaves, yard debris, and trash (like my neighbor), only makes people irritable.

I am not whining, but I am complaining. When I have to drive somewhere and my only option is to drive down a certain road and you’re burning your crap because you’re too lazy to go to the dump, it bothers me. My eyes get itchy, my throat hurts and no matter how quickly you try to roll up the windows and close the vents, the smoke still gets in. So, if you are the person who was burning trash today along the highway coming into town, in the drainage ditch in front of your yard, I wish you would show some courtesy to people and at the very least burn your crap in your backyard next time.

Wow. I feel better already. Who knew ranting could release so much stress? Now I am going to go watch The Biggest Loser and have a snack. Yes, I snack during The Biggest Loser. Sue me.

One thought on “Hot Under The Collar

  1. Good luck on the next interview. You are not alone in searching for a new job but it quite obvious you possess a lot of talents and a lucky employer will snatch you up fast!

    Regarding trash burning, aren’t there regulations regarding what can or cannot be burned? You mentioned that your eyes, throat and chest burn? What if there were chemicals of some kind your friendly neighbor was releasing into the air? I would check for dead birds on the ground if I were you and then go directly to the ER. The folks at the hospital can make the calls to the proper authorities. Just a thought.

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