A Little More Time For The Important Things

garden.jpgOur garden is ready for planting.

My brother-in-law came by again today and helped turn over the garden one more time. We added several bags of Nature’s Helper and some plant food which will enrich the soil over the course of the season. In just about a week or so, we will get everything planted and then the fun begins.

I can hardly wait for the garden fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet peas, radishes, carrots, beans, corn, and whatever else Gidget decides is going to be planted. Our artichoke seeds should be here tomorrow, and the blackberry and blueberry plants should arrive later this week. Is it sad that I can taste blackberry jam as I am typing this (and no, I am not eating any right now).

I spent the early part of the afternoon checking all of the job boards and making sure I had applied for any relevant jobs. I also touched bases with a couple recruiters and I will catch up with the others tomorrow.

One advantage I have had being out of work, is spending a lot more time with the boys. Whether we’re fishing at the lake, or bird watching from our back deck, I am really enjoying the extra time with them. I have been posting some of our photos on my photoblog, OptiBytes, as well as my flickr account.

As I have been typing this post, I have been listing to the No Agenda Stream. I am a podcast junkie, and when I heard Adam Curry and John C. Dvorak talking about their new stream, I had to bookmark it. With the stream I get music, news, and information I would definitely not hear anywhere else.

Now, I am off to watch 24 and Heroes on the DVR. Hopefully I will have real good news tomorrow about the interview I had on Friday.