wondermutt.jpgIt’s been two months since I was laid off from the day job and today I received a phone call with the most promising of leads thus far. I have an interview Friday morning that could lead to a nice new job. Keep your fingers crossed.

I was real happy when I woke up today and saw the sun was shining. I have waited for three days for sunshine so we could get outside and take some photos. The rain is nice because we need it so badly, but it’s also nice to have time to dry out every now and then too.

We had quite a few chores to do today before we could play, which was okay because we needed the temperature outside to get a little warmer so it would be more comfortable for the little guys. I spent the early part of the day replacing a motor on Gidget’s industrial Singer sewing machine, replacing some of the lights in her workshop area, moving the couch into the backroom of the basement, and vacuuming the stairs.

The worst job was the vacuuming. I could sit and replace 35 pound motors all day rather than vacuum another stair in my life. Our stairs have dark blue carpeting which show every dog hair that falls off Stitches and the Chuck the wonder mutt. It takes the better part of an hour to vacuum 13 stairs and make them “presentable” again.

After doing our chores and cleaning things up around here, we went to get a new belt for the sewing machine. The nice thing about industrial sewing machines is the fact you can use automotive belts to make them run. So we shot down to AutoZone for a 39 inch belt that fit just perfect. Her machine is running like butter now that we replaced the motor.

Then, when all the work was done, we finally got to go outside and shoot some pictures. We spent about an hour outside in the front yard and out on the back deck. I’ll be posting the photos over on my new photo blog, OptiBytes, over the course of the next few days.