The Good, The Bad, And The Pretty

photo-plant.jpgIt looks like it’s going to be a while before we have air conditioning again. Being out of work and having to focus any remaining funds towards more important things, that $684 bill to fix our air conditioner is going to have to wait a while.

I have to make some calls tomorrow, because I think it should be covered under warranty. Apparently a wire, which was bundled with other wires, vibrated so much over the course of the past five years that the coating on the wire rubbed down and eventually the bare wire arced against one of the copper freon lines resulting in a small hole in the copper line.

Apparently that tiny little hole costs $684 to fix because they have to vacuum out the line and such. Then, after the repair, the entire system might need to be replaced because of a thing called “green slime” that might have built up in the system and according to Steve, the wonder repairman, there is no cure for this slime (even though I found lots of solutions on Google) and the whole system has to be replaced (inside and out).

Needless to say I am angry tonight. I got the feeling I was being shafted. I think a price tag of $684 is completely ridiculous to vacuum the system (how they do that I have no idea), fix that hole, and pump 6 pounds of freon (or whatever gas it is now) back into the system.

There was good news today too.

Today was the last day of my mother-in-law’s radiation treatments, so now her body can begin to heal, finally. She has been through hell with this treatment, but I am proud of her for hanging in there and going everyday, five days a week, for more than 6 weeks.

The youngest and I went outside today to take photos of birds and squirrels and anything else that moved. The following are some of the photographs we got while we were out there.


The cardinal sitting in the tree 60 feet from our back deck.


The robin searching for worms 125 feet from the deck.


The bluebird playing on the neighbor’s swing set.