Drifting In The Wind

fire2.jpgI drove all the way to the other side of Atlanta today. Yes I know, it doesn’t seem like a great fete, but when you’re unemployed even the small things are exciting.

I met with another recruiter today about a couple possible positions. Their office was located in a real nice area with a very well natural (but manicured) setting outside. I was going to break out the camera and take photos from the window of the office we were meeting in, but I didn’t want them to think I was some kind of a nut or something. At least not yet.

I have noticed a bit of an upswing in the number of job notifications I receive in email the past few days. I hope with the increased possibilities an increase in interviews will occur as well.

Ben Popken, over at The Consumerist, wrote about Best Buy and their resolution of the issue so traffic to the site was up a bit again today. I’m just glad that whole thing is over with because it was exhausting keeping up with everything as it happened.

Today was a really good day, and the evening looked just as promising. We tried a new spaghetti sauce tonight that was absolutely delicious. Who knew the folks at Bertolli could squeeze five cheeses into that jar with all those tomatoes and spices? Heh. When we finished dinner, we all sat down to watch Beverly Hills Chihuahua.

The weather has been so nice, we had all the windows and doors open, but we had to make a mad dash to close up the house when we realized our idiot neighbor was burning leaves and trash at 9pm. Who burns leaves that late at night? Nevermind, that was a rhetorical question and yes, the photo above shows the flames rising above his burning pile of crap that’s now stinking up my house.