Twenty Four Hours Later

moon1.jpgToday was the first normal day around here in a week. Okay, so it wasn’t really “normal” because we spent the entire afternoon working in the yard, but it was much closer to normal than the rest of the week has been.

A lot happened this week, in addition to the Best Buy fiasco, so I thought I would do a “weekly wrap-up” type post tonight, just to clear a bunch of thoughts running through my head.

Being one of the lucky 8.1% of all Americans we are unemployed, I received a little extra money from the Department of Labor in my unemployment check this week. Some may argue that it’s nice to receive that extra $25 per week (before taxes, and yes they still withold taxes on your unemployment even though the first $2,400 are not taxable), I wonder how much that $25 per week is going to cost my kids in the future. Congress was quick to pass the stimulus bill, which afforded me this great gesture of $25 per week, but they never thought to explain how they were going to fund it, and that bothers me a lot.

I received two phone calls late in the week about potential jobs. The first one came in the form of a phone message, which I have to return on Monday regarding a possible interview, and the second one came in the form of a recruiter responding to my resume about a web developer position that he thought I might be interested in. It turns out I may just get an interview with the employer on that one this next week too, so keep your fingers crossed.

Sitting here now, I realize I forgot to take anything for my aches and pains from the yardwork today. Maybe I should get up and take something now…

As I said before, we spent the entire afternoon in the front yard. Gidget pruned the bushes out front (we have a lot of them), and I started digging three holes for the trees we brought home from my mother-in-laws house over a week ago.

For those of you who have never had to dig a hole in Georgia, let me fill you in. When you stick your shovel in the ground you get one of three things. Hard clay, hard roots, or hard rocks. Period. There isn’t anything else down there. Today, I got roots and rocks.

I spent a few hours breaking up the roots and rocks and the kids helped empty the loose dirt and debris from the holes. Once the holes were dug the planting went very quickly, and we finished cleanup and everything by 5:30 or so. As a treat for the kids, I took them to Dairy Queen. They busted their asses today and they deserved a nice treat to reward them for their hard work, and to help them put this past week behind them.

My mother-in-law has four more “booster” treatments and then she is done with her radiation therapy for the cancer they found in her left breast. She is completely exhausted and burnt to a crisp. Okay, she’s not crisp, but the skin is so burnt it just slides off of her from time to time. Blech. I am so glad that she is almost done with that. Soon after wrapping that up, she has to make an appointment with her pulmonologist and her cardiologist because the radiation can cause scarring of the heart and lungs and she needs to get that checked as soon as possible.

Of course, our youngest is thrilled with the new camera and he spent the entire day taking photos everywhere he went. I was surprised, the batteries that came with the camera lasted all day and the memory card still has lots of room.

The Sprint Cup race is in Atlanta this week, and with all the Best Buy hoopla we were able to see Elliott Sadler’s show car sitting outside Best Buy when we went to exchange the camera.


Imagine driving that car around the track and having no idea how fast you are going.


I am looking forward to the week ahead and the possibility of two face-to-face interviews. The sooner I find a regular job again, the better.