Muffins. Lots and Lots Of Muffins

bundt.jpgI feel like a fry cook or a baker. Maybe both.

Today, while my wife was watching her sister over at her mother’s house, the boys and I did some baking. Well, I started out frying, then we started baking.

Gidget and I discovered that our huge stash of potatoes in the basement were beginning to grow eyes. We knew we had to do something with them, and since we already have about 2 dozen jars of canned potatoes down in the pantry, we decided to make french fries with them.

Of course, I didn’t cook them all the way, I partially cooked them, drained them, and then put them in our chest freezer. We now have an 8 pound bag of ready to cook when needed french fries (think Ore Ida people). Even with our youngest sons appetite for potatoes, those should last us a couple weeks.

Once I cleaned up my fry mess, we started baking more banana muffins. They were such a hit two weeks ago, we decided to make a whole bunch more. The boys and I baked 1 dozen jumbo sized muffins, 2 dozen “bundt” muffins, 3 dozen regular sized muffins, and 4 dozen mini muffins.

We finished just in time, as mommy walked in the door as we were getting our last few pans ready to bake. As soon as we finished dinner I examined the camera again and spent the rest of the evening on the phone with Best Buy.

More about that conversation and the events that transpired in my next post.