Jumping Through The Hoops

dasuitblog.jpgWell, that was fun. Today ended up being a day that’s for sure.

If you ever find yourself sitting at the Dept. of Labor at 8:30 in the morning for “orientation” so you can continue to receive your unemployment benefits remember a few things.

(1) Don’t leave anything open to interpretation. If it doesn’t make sense, ask them to rephrase the answer or at the very least repeat it. The person conducting our “class” was left out of the loop on several items that were common knowledge to everyone else in the room and it took quite a while to bring her up to speed on how things work at the DOL.

(2) Don’t forget your green sheet of paper that has your “proof” that you have been job hunting. A couple people forgot their copies and I thought the woman conducting the class was going to come unglued. I don’t want to see a DOL employee come unglued, I hear it’s similar to USPS employees going postal.

(3) Don’t believe everything you hear. We were told today that our country is in a depression, not a recession. All we had to do was look at gas and grocery prices and the sheer number of people out of work to realize she was speaking the truth. Well, that’s what she wanted us to think anyway. Some of us quickly informed her that we are not in a depression, in fact our current recession isn’t any worse than the one back during the late 1970’s. Of course those of us who pointed out that fact were the only ones in the room old enough to remember the late 1970’s.

Once “orientation” ended, I hurried home to finish my exercises.

After the phone interview yesterday I received two exercises to complete by noon today. I finished the first one before midnight and sent it off to the Technology Director before heading to bed. I sat down at 10:30 today and began working on the second exercise.

How was I to know it was a “write this entire thing in Javascript, from scratch, without the use of any libraries or other aids” assignment. After struggling with it for a couple hours I sent the Technology Director a very polite email stating that, while I was fluent enough with javascript to modify or add to existing code, I was unable to write the entire exercise from scratch.

I need to point out that during the interview I was told the job was 95% HTML and CSS. The other 5% was other languages, with the phrase “maybe some javascript” thrown in there somewhere. Well, apparently they are looking for SOME JAVASCRIPT, because after sending the polite email about the javascript issue, I was told I was no longer under consideration for the position.

I wasn’t the only one angered by this turn of events. The recruiter who sent me the job and arranged the phone interview was told the same thing. I am angry because I wasted my time, granted only a few hours, but my time nonetheless, on a position I was never going to get anyway. I hate it when people waste my time, and when they lie. Apparently I got a double dose of that with this one.

I’ll keep my head up high and will continue my search for the perfect job. I was upfront and honest with them the entire time, so I have no reason to be upset about this one “getting away” and they could probably care less that they misled me, so why should I let it eat me up? I will sleep good tonight.

I had a couple other things I wanted to write about tonight but it turns out that getting up by 7 this morning, being subjected to an “orientation workshop”, and dealing with misleading people, has taken its toll on my active brain cells this evening. Maybe I will shock everyone by posting again tomorrow to make it three days in a row. That’ll teach you for listening to the ramblings of a soon to be re-employed tech geek.

One thought on “Jumping Through The Hoops

  1. AH, I knew there was a reason I liked you (and your writings) A fellow unemployed Geek! LOVE YOU!

    And YEP, I was subjected to GA DOL HELL (years ago)–Thank GOD I’ve not been “tagged” for Class this time.

    I took the “how to Search for a Job on the Internet” (and ended up teaching 1/2 the class—as apparently the GA DOL does not realize sites like Indeed.com and Simplyhired.com actually exists that Scrape ALL the sites for you in one handy little repository. How NOVEL?!?!

    And I’m SILL Peeved I had to sit in a chair for 2-hours, only to go into a room where an $8/hr employee instructs me on how to fill out a piece of paper (with such challenging –mind baffling entries as “Name, Address, Phone Number!)–They actually PAY SOMEONE to do this.

    Where I was then released to go sit ANOTHER hour, to only go sit in front of a computer that wanted the same information I put on the piece of paper!

    THEN, to top it all off, I “Certify” Weekly on line!

    I asked the Kind Gentleman (on my 2nd visit–as I was too annoyed to stay the first time)—Why I had to use the Computers at the GA. DOL location, when I could free up space and go fill it out at home. (he said it’s because we need to verify your Identity).

    Well KLOWN! I just gave you an ID. Why not give me a temporary Passocde to take home to authenticate myself.

    I mean, if the DMV wil trust me to send me my replacement GA. DL for a mere $5, why can’t the GA. DOL figure out a similar system?

    Wait, I know—because about 15-GA. DOL employee will be out of work! God forbid we don’t have the Lady tell us how to fill out a piece of paper (including MY NAME no less!!!)

    Gesh, wonder if she could hack it in the “real world”.

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