Just Passing By

trees.jpgIt’s been a couple days since I posted, and there’s a good reason for my absence.

On Sunday, the wife and kids and I ventured over to my in-laws house to take out ten Bartlett pear trees from their backyard. My mother-in-law had them planted a few years ago, and although they have grown some, they were not doing well where they were and they were (for the most part) to big to try and move them to another location.

I oiled up the chainsaw, made sure it was gassed up, and took a small bow saw with me as well. When we got there I went right to work on the trees. I got five of them cut down before the chainsaw decided to kick the chain and stop working for the day.

We spent the next three hours digging up a few of them to bring home to our yard. The ones we dug out were smaller and much more manageable than the others. It took longer to dig out those three trees and cut down the remaining two by hand, than it did for all of the other work we did that day.

We loaded up two of the trees into the truck and began the adventure of driving home with 8 feet of tree sticking out of the back of the truck.

When we got home we were quite sore. Hot showers and sleep did very little to ease the pain, but we got another early start yesterday and went back for more. More pain that is.

I spent a couple hours (with our oldest sons help) cutting the stumps down to ground level (by hand, with a very nice sharp saw), and then loading the remaining tree into the truck to bring home. That third tree ended up being twice as wide and twice as tall as the other two trees we brought home the day before. I have no idea how that happened, but every muscle in my arms and hands were killing me and there was no way I was going to do this post last night.

In the past 48 hours I have discovered quite a few people from high school (and elementary school) on Facebook. It’s amazing how running into high school friends on Facebook is like having memories the size of encyclopedias smacked upside your head. I feel so old tonight. I’m sure a lot of people on Facebook feel old when classmates sign up, but I realized tonight that I have known most of my classmates from high school since kindergarten. Ouch. One memory for every gray hair on my head.

Here’s my latest nature video, complete with real-time, real-life sounds. No music in this one. It’s called “Just Passing By”. See if you can hear and see everything that passes by.

I got word today that I am no longer under consideration for one of the jobs I really wanted, but as Gidget said tonight, “It’s only one job out of the 500 you have applied for”. Ha!

We’re supposed to have some rather large storms tomorrow, but somewhere in-between we need to dig three giant holes in the ground to fill with Bartlett pear trees. My muscles are crying already.