Just Cancel The Order

valentineflower.jpgFriday the 13th didn’t turn out as nice as it normally does. I usually have a great day while everyone else is cowering in fear of what will happen during the day.

It all started when Gidget got stuck at her mom’s house for an extra three hours because she and my father-in-law were stuck in traffic coming home from her radiation treatment. It turned out there was a very bad accident on I-20 and traffic was at a complete standstill for over 2 and a half hours. When they finally started moving it was already dinner time. She (my mother-in-law) was so exhausted because of her treatment and then sitting in the car all day.

When Gidget got home, we turned around and drove back into town, to pick up an order of fabric that had come in at JoAnn Fabrics. She got a great deal on upholstery fabric, so by summer we should have a “brand new couch” in our living room.

While Gidget was stuck at her mom’s I had to jump through hoops and get paperwork to all of the different agencies where we have applied for assistance. Things were complicated though because I could not find my unemployment benefits later and that monkeyed up everything else I needed to do for the day.

Thank God today is going much better than yesterday.

When I woke up today, I checked on Gidget’s Valentine’s Day present, which was supposed to be delivered today. UPS changed the status to show it had been re-scheduled for delivery on Monday. Oh no! The first time I remember to order her flowers for Valentine’s Day, and they weren’t going to be delivered. I called FTD and cancelled the order. No sense in letting her get dying flowers three days late.

An hour and half later the doorbell rings, and it’s UPS with her flowers. Ha! (Yes, I called FTD to let them know they didn’t have to credit my account, heck it was the honest thing to do).

Gidget melted when she saw the authentic FTD flower box, and then melted even more when she saw the flowers inside the box. She always says she doesn’t need the “girly gift things” but I know better.

I cooked the kids “birds nest” eggs with heart shapes in the bread, and Gidget baked the most delicious blueberry muffins. Now we are sitting here trying to decide what else to do with our day.


I hope you remember to call someone you love today and have a great Valentine’s Day!