A Blessed Day

livingroom.jpgToday was an awesome day.

Chuck had a 10 o’clock visit with Doc Win to check his eye. It is healing quite nicely, and they put him on an experimental treatment for his eye that involves a serum that, if it works, could help his eye in a way that we never thought was imaginable.

The veterinary staff member that studied the use of this serum is confident that it could make a marked improvement in Chuck’s eye, to the point that he might even recover nearly full sight in the eye. How cool would that be?

In the past couple days we have noticed a huge improvement already, as he is seeing quite well with that eye already (and we just started the treatment this afternoon). Chuck handled the ride to his checkup much better than the first one. I didn’t get any video today, mostly because he just laid there and “tolerated” the ride.

When we got home, I checked our bank balance and noticed money in the bank that was not there yesterday. After a quick check of a couple websites, I realized it was three weeks worth of unemployment, which is awesome. Next week we’ll have enough to make the house payment this month, which is very cool. Especially when you’re unemployed.

The day was going quite nicely, and it didn’t stop there.

Later in the afternoon I received a phone call about some contract work that, when it begins, will create about half the income I was making before. If I can get one of the other contract gigs I have been waiting for, the two incomes will bridge the gap until I can find a permanent day job again. Even then, one of the jobs will provide enough “supplemental” income to help us get caught up and then get a bit ahead of the game. Keep your fingers crossed and say your prayers. I applied for a really good job with the federal government yesterday, and I really, really, want that job.

Oh, before I forget, here is the latest train video. The angle is all wrong, but it’s still watchable. I was lucky to catch this one in the first place. I have to re-upload the video because the HD version is not appearing on YouTube this time, and it’s much better in HD. Hopefully, by the time you read this, the HD version will appear below.

Tomorrow is my lucky day. Friday the 13th. Yeah, I know, you’re scared and think it’s a scary day. Me? I take advantage of all the scaredy cats out there and seize the day. If Chuck lets me, I will take some video at some point. I got some video of the clouds after our storms the other day and haven’t even had time to look at it yet, so maybe I will do that tomorrow after I follow up with all of the companies where I applied for work this week.

Enjoy your evening, be thankful for what you have, and stay safe.