Keep Moving Forward

sleepingchuck.jpgI can’t begin to tell you how happy I am that I chose to take Chuck to see Doc Win for his eye problem. For years we have been taking our pets to the same vet, but after the loss of Flash I didn’t think I could walk back into our regular vet’s office. I know it’s not their fault, in fact the entire staff handled our situation with Flash with the utmost respect and dignity. To be honest, I know I could handle walking by the room where we said good-bye to our beloved friend.

Since taking Chuck to see Doc Win last Thursday, his eye has improved to the point it actually looks better than it did before he injured it with the stick. Doc Win and his entire staff were on the ball and did exactly what Chuck needed, and for that I am extremely happy. Of course there are no guarantees that he won’t lose the eye eventually, but the swelling is gone, the eye has turned back to a normal position and the cloudy gray look (which he had before the accident) seems to be clearing as well.

Just before typing this post, I played with him with my laser pen to see if he could see the light. Right after we got him I put together a video of him chasing the light, and we knew he could see it at that time, but it wasn’t long before we realized he could no longer see it. Tonight, he sees it again, and he seems more focused on his surroundings, which gives me hope again that he won’t be completely blind in that eye after all.

I had heard good things about Doc Win over at Atlanta West Veterinary Hospital, and now I know why. I am looking forward to Chuck’s follow-up appointment on Thursday.

That’s not the only thing I am looking forward to.

This morning I received my first serious callback on a job application I recently filled out. I don’t want to go into too much detail at this point, but say your prayers because I really, really want this job. I will have to get used to a long commute everyday but the experience and the work environment would be totally awesome. The employer is no fly-by-night operation either, so this could turn out t be a great opportunity for me.

After the initial phone call from the recruiter, in which she gave me some really good advice about my resume, I tweaked it. I really appreciate the fact that she took time to give me some pointers from a recruiters point of view (which should help in the job hunt immensely). As soon as I finished the tweaks I forwarded the new copy to her, and she was going to submit it to the employer this afternoon. Then I went on with my afternoon which consisted of filling out more job applications and watching the U.S. Senate sign our children’s children’s livelihood away.

I’m not going to discuss politics tonight, because I am just too exhausted to even think about the future of our country and the horrendous burden our Congress and the Obama administration are placing on all of us.

I was so busy this afternoon that I didn’t even have time to work on my next train video, so first thing tomorrow (after checking all of the job boards) I will be putting that one together. I know a few of you actually look forward to them, so I apologize for the delay.

Now I am off to watch The Biggest Loser on the dvr. I always get so hungry watching that show. Have a great night!