Soaking Up The Sun

soakingsun.jpgJust a short note today, because I am exhausted.

We got up fairly early today (early for a Saturday anyway). After making sure the kids were fed and ready to go, we took them to the park for a bit. With near spring-like temperatures (the high today was supposed to be 66), we thought it would be nice to get out of the house and get some sun on our bones.

After the jaunt to the park, Gidget finished up the shirts for her mom and I took the boys a couple miles down the road for their first official geocache hunt. We’ve been geocaching before but not since the kids were very, very little. It took us about 15-20 minutes to find treasure, sign it, and continue on our way.

When we got home from the hunt, Gidget was ready to go, so we took the shirts to her mom, who will be able to wear them while she is going through her radiation treatments. The shirts are a nice, very light cotton, that shouldn’t be too heavy on the area they are irradiating.

Once we got home, we all collapsed, but then I remembered I needed gas in the truck, so I loaded up Chuck, the one-eyed wonder, and we went to get gas. Flash used to love riding in the truck. Chuck? Not so much. Wait til you see the video. I should have it posted sometime tomorrow.

Have a good night.