The One-Eyed Wonder

wonderdog.jpgWhen Chuck, the one-eyed wonder, came to live with us in December of last year, we knew he was going to have limitations because of his bad eye. While we were told there was still a chance that he might regain some sight in the eye, we just figured he would most likely be blind in that eye.

Over the course of the past two months he has done quite well. He eats like a horse, plays like a cat, bounds across the back yard like a deer, but still cuddles at night like a baby. He’s everything we could have ever wanted in a dog, and then some, with or without sight in his right eye. He’s one of the most lovable, playful, and loyal dogs, and after what I have seen this week, he’s also one of the bravest.

On Monday afternoon the kids were playing in the backyard, and of course the dogs were playing too. As the kids spent some time exploring the backyard, the dogs chased each other and barked at neighbors as they walked past the house. As they were wrestling each other, Chuck began to yelp and ran to the backdoor. Our middle son came running upstairs to tell me that Chuck “had a stick in his eye”.

That’s when the fun began.

As I examined his eye I realized the stick wasn’t so much a stick, but a large straw-like piece of a dead plant. I also noticed that it wasn’t sticking “into” his eye. It was lodged between the eye and the socket.

As I worked up the courage to try and remove the “stick”, Chuck stood by patiently knowing that I was trying to help him. I grabbed the “stick” and it fell out of his eye. I brought him upstairs, rinsed the eye and put some antibiotic creme, which we received when he came to live with us, on his eye. At the time I looked at the wife with relief and said, “At least it happened to his bad eye”.

He did good for a couple days, but his eye was swollen. We weren’t too worried because he was still eating like a horse, playing outside with Stitches, and otherwise normal. His nose was cool and wet and he still did all of his tricks. But everything changed last night.

I let the dogs out to do their business and when I let them back in, his face looked weird. It was evident that something was wrong with the eye, and it was gross. I won’t go into too much detail other than to say it was “oozing” and I was worried he was losing his eye. I babied him into the evening and first thing today I took him to the vet. After a thorough examination it looks like his eye is going to be fine.

The “stick” did not penetrate his eyeball, and the oozing las night was the fluid that had built up behind the eye since the injury. Fluid that couldn’t drain because the eye had been so swollen, until last night anyway. They examined the eye, flushed it with saline, updated his shots, gave him a shot of penicillin, two more antibiotic prescriptions and some nitro powder (which I have to drop directly on the eyeball and can barely stand to do).

We still have to watch the eye for infection, but the stress is gone and things are getting back to normal. Tomorrow is a new day, but tonight he is resting here next to the chair. He had another normal day where he ate like a horse, played like a cat, and bounded across the yard like a deer. Now he’s sleeping like a log.

Tomorrow is just another normal day for Chuck, the one-eyed wonder.