A Super Sunday

bankdeposit.jpgWell, well, well. I now have more proof that the Big Fat Liar and the Psycho Bitch From Hell are just that. Liars and Psychos. For the past six months I was told that the company could not re-imburse me for my phone bills because they had a cash flow problem. I was told when the company had more money coming in, they would pay the bills but not until then.

As I stated in a previous post, I was asked by the PBFH to send the complete phone bills for review and then they would pay them. That was January 22. On January 27, I sent the phone bills. I received a check yesterday, for the entire amount. The check was dated January 22. Yes, the check was dated 5 days before I even sent the bills to be reviewed. Well, that’s what she wants me to believe, I guess.

The Big Fat Liar just doesn’t stop living up to his new name. Where did this money come from? There’s no way that “money came in” to pay six months of phone bills, in five days. The more time that passes, the more I realize they have been trying to get me to walk for more than six months. Anyway, I am glad I got the check, because now we can make the truck payment for the month and I don’t have to worry too much about that for a couple more weeks.
We watched the Super Bowl tonight, while I worked on a new layout for this site. By the time you read this it might already be live. If not, don’t worry, it will be soon. It’s getting late and I am getting tired, so I might put off the install until I am bright eyed and bushy tailed in the morning. By the way, did you see the trailer for the new Star Trek movie? Wow!

I still have quite a few things to finish, and they are all things I wanted to have done before the end of the weekend. I wanted to have my new design live, but as you know it’s not quite here yet, and I wanted to add half a dozen designs I have done to my portfolio. That will all be done before noon tomorrow, I hope. I did certify for my unemployment for the week, and I ate about 4,000 calories while watching the game, so I guess the weekend wasn’t a total waste.

I need to spend a couple hours cleaning up the Windows Desktop machine, burning a copy of all my work files, and getting them off my machine. There is no need to keep them now so I may as well remove them from the system and make more room for more of my stuff. Last week I organized my desk with all three of my machines on it. The Windows XP desktop, the Ubuntu Linux box, and the MacBook all reside on my desk now, and I must say, it’s kind of nice having all three worlds at my fingertips.

I’m going to be busy this week. Tomorrow morning I need to run to the bank and deposit that magical expense check. I need to make several calls about some other leads I got last week, and I need to follow up with all of the places I applied with last week as well. For the moment we are doing “okay” but it won’t take long for the shit to hit the fan if I don’t stay on top of things and find a job as soon as possible.

Okay, I just realized I am rambling so I better stop now. Like I said before, the new design should be live sometime soon, maybe by the time you read this. Have a great night.