Another Very Long Day

peanuts.jpgIt’s been another busy day around here. Since everything that’s happening seems to be in flux at the moment, we decided to put ourselves on a schedule. Rise and shine with the morning sun, work our asses off til dinner, eat, then sleep. Rinse. Repeat. Of course, here I sit typing this post at 11:45pm. What a nice way to start going to bed early. Any bets on what time I actually get to sleep?

After searching all of the job sites and submitting more applications and resume’s I spent some time researching a couple other leads I had. When I finished the “morning shift” as I call it, I spent the afternoon working on a new website for a special customer of mine. Okay, she’s my wife, but she sure is special. She’s re-launching her business under a different brand, Buttercup 149. It’s more of a ‘local’ service, but we discussed one way it could become quite the service, even for those who are housebound.

I missed a lot of stuff today while I was working, but I had a lot of fun too.
So what did I miss?

The U.S. House passed the porker of a stimulus bill, with a vote of 244 to 188. Every Republican in the House voted against the measure. I find it hilarious that they finally found their backbone, about 3 months too late.

The Peanut Corporation of America expanded their recall, as well they should have, since they found salmonella in their products on 12 different occasions over the past two years.

There’s a huge solar project being developed back in my old hometown. How cool is that?

Tomorrow I plan on updating my portfolio to include a few of my more recent projects. I also want to play with iMovie ’09 on the MacBook. I love that app. Here’s what I did with it today.

It’s hard to make a bad video when your subject has such charisma.

Now, I think I am off to bed. Have a great night!