It’s All Good

unemployment.jpgJust a quick note this evening.

I spent the week doing what a lot of people who are fired or laid off do their first week. I played on Facebook. No, seriously, I did. While I was playing on facebook I also completed sprucing up my resume’ and developed a nice cover letter to go with it. I also created a business card that I can hand out if I go to job fairs or other such events.

Speaking of job fairs, there is going to be one on January 28th and I am thinking of going just to get my resume in more places. I filled out two applications for different jobs at one company and I have had follow up contact already from them. I hope that’s a good sign. I must have applied for 30 different jobs this week. I was shocked there were so many to apply for.

On Wednesday I went down to the Unemployment office and filled out all that paperwork. When it gets started I will be receiving $330 per week, which will help us make the house payment until I get working again. Unemployment in Georgia hit 8.1% and that was before I became a statistic.

Speaking of statistics, the now former employer finally sent me an email confirming I was fired. I hadn’t heard from anyone at the company for 11 days. I didn’t need their confirmation, but I did need their admission that they want to put me under contract, which means they can’t tell unemployment I was let go because of poor job performance. It’s all good now.

Well, I have more to do tonight before I hit the sack. I’ll post something more in-depth sometime tomorrow (if I can find the time).