Thank You

presbushlaura.jpgTomorrow, Barack Hussein Obama will be inaugurated as the 44th President of the United States. Mr. Obama’s election to the highest office in the land is truly historic. As he takes the oath of office he ill be the first black president in our nation’s history.

I congratulate him and when he is sworn in he will be my President. I did not vote for him and I do not support any of his policies, but he will get the same respect every other president has received from me in the past.

I have been to a few websites tonight that say we shouldn’t “rush to judgement” if he makes a few mistakes and that we should all be patient while he deals with the problems facing our country. I disagree. While he will enjoy the same level of respect as President, he will also be subject to the same level of criticism as any other president. These people who now call for patience and understanding had neither while President Bush was in office. Where was that hesitation to rush to judgement when he made a mistake? Where was that patience while he dealt with the problems facing our country? These people sound just a bit hypocritical to me.

Barack Obama should not be treated any differently than any other president. Doing so would imply that he should be treated differently, and that’s really not true. His skin may be a darker color than any other president in our nation’s history, but that doesn’t mean he should be held to a different standard than any other president either.

In just over 12 hours President George W. Bush and First Lady Laura Bush will board a helicopter and begin their journey home.

George W. Bush had his problems, but he also had quite a few accomplishments. Free Republic has a list of them, I was stunned when I read the list.

I know it’s shocking to be reminded that he actually did something good for our country, and although I have disagreed with quite a few things he has done in the past few years, he did a lot of good things while serving as our nation’s president.

After looking at the list of his accomplishments, these are the ones that stick out in my mind as having the biggest impact on our nation.

  • Banned Partial Birth Abortion.
  • Signed two tax cuts into law.
  • Reduced the number of H1B visas.
  • Successfully executed two wars.
  • Led us through the aftermath of Sept. 11th.

George W. Bush wasn’t the best president in the history of the United States, but he was far from the worst either. He served his country with honor and dignity and I thank him, and Laura, for all they have done for the American people.

Tomorrow as they board that helicopter for the final time, I will get misty-eyed as I realize that we won’t be hearing many more Bushisms. It won’t last long though, because I am sure we’ll be hearing a few Obamanations before too long.

Thank you again, President Bush, for keeping us safe here at home.