A Forgotten Place In Time

bhill.jpgI am so disappointed tonight. We have no snow right now, at all. I really shouldn’t be disappointed, no one said there would be any accumulation. I did, however, expect it to be snowing. You know, falling from the sky.

We had a few errands to run today. We saw sleet and a few flakes, but it was all over in 15 minutes. If I am going to have to endure temperatures of 10 – 40 degrees for a week, I expect snow. I guess it’s good it didn’t snow earlier because we had a lot to get done.

We ran a copy of Gidget’s new brochure over to Staples to have 100 copies printed. The kid working in the print center was a genius and helped her make some changes that look absolutely fantastic. He spent a lot of time working with her to make it right, and after printing the 100 copies, we found out the cost was almost double what we were expecting. It was our fault I guess for not asking about the price before he started the final print.

After our run to Staples, I took my mom to Target for the coffee she likes to drink. It’s one of those International Foods flavors and there isn’t a store in our area that carries it. None. The closest store that carries it is 45 miles away, and she doesn’t like making that drive, so I took her.

As we arrived back in town the sleet started again and I got my hopes up. That was stupid.

By now you’re probably wondering what the photo has to do with this post. Be patient, I’m getting there. Only a small handful of people who visit this site will know that picture and those who do have probably known me my whole life.

I saw the photo tonight on Facebook and it brought back a ton of memories. The photo was posted by someone who attended the same high school I did and I knew I had to write about it here tonight. The photo is of “B Hill”, as it was back in the day. “B Hill” is no more. Well, it’s still there, but now it’s covered by houses and streets that really have no business being there.

As a child, I would watch the fireworks on July 4th from the top of “B Hill” with my family. As a teenager I would hike around “B Hill” with my friends. As an adult, I drove the streets on “B-Hill” and resented every family that chose to live there.

Anyone who lived in Boulder City, Nevada more than 25 years ago knows that hill. My bet is, they miss it too. Seeing that photograph brought back memories of people I hadn’t thought about in over 25 years. Events that took place and good times that never should have been forgotten. Seeing that photograph made me homesick for the first time in 10 years. The problem is, I am homesick for a place that existed a quarter of a century ago. A place that is no longer quite the same as it was back then.

I spent quite a while reminiscing, and now I am going to watch the season premiere of 24 that I have on the DVR. Oh yeah, it can start snowing anytime.