A Busy, Busy, Weekend.

What a weekend. I can’t believe it’s Sunday night already. I have been out of it all weekend but I finally caught up.

Over the course of the past two weeks I have been “catching up” with the television series, “24”. Truth be told, I had never seen an episode before two weeks ago. My mom has the entire collection on DVD and started loaning them to me so I could catch up in time to follow along with season 7 as it transpires.

I overslept Friday night and didn’t get up until after noon on Saturday. I had a million things to take care of, but this sinus infection has been knocking me (and the entire family) on our butts. I started season 4 last night and watched it while I was working on some code for the day job.

Tonight, I will finish up season 4 and my mom will come over tomorrow with seasons 5 and 6. I should be all caught up by next Monday night. Don’t worry, I recorded the season premiere tonight and will record the second half tomorrow night as well. I should be caught up in time for next Monday’s episode.

But that’s not all that happened this weekend.

Gidge was trying to catch up with laundry and our washing machine blew a hose. At the time we weren’t sure what was happening, but there was water everywhere. And I mean everywhere. We spent several hours cleaning up that mess. Thank goodness Gidget has an antique wringer from the 1890’s that was able to keep up with the clean up process.

After we got the mess cleaned up, I moved the now dead washer out to the garage and brought up the washer we had stored in the basement. My brother-in-law gave us a washer and dryer when he moved, and I’m sure glad he did.

The kids spent the weekend working on the first edition of their new family newspaper, and the dogs ran the backyard, in the rain, most of the weekend. Chuck is quite happy in his new home.


Hopefully I will have enough time this week to put together another Chuck video. Now, if I can just convince the producers of 24 to stop that incessant beeping when it cuts to commercial.