My Mac Is Back

My newly repaired MacBook has been back in my hands for 48 hours and I couldn’t be happier. They fixed the fan, as expected, since the old one exploded inside the case it’s not like they could use that one.

I really like the MacBook. As a longtime Windows user I find it much easier to use for coding, surfing, sending email, and much more. In fact, since I got it, I have done all of my web development and coding projects on the MacBook.

When it comes to using the MacBook, I am not sure exactly what I like most about it. The keyboard is completely different than any other keyboard I have used, and it just feels more natural when I am typing on it. The screen is glossy and seems much clearer than any previous laptop I have used, and the battery lasts a lot longer too.

My HD camera, the Kodak Zi6, makes taking video easy and it’s so much easier working with that video on the Mac. While the mac was out for repair I tried making a couple videos on the PC, but for some reason the software on the PC was having issues with the sound on the files. What a pain it was. In fact, it took me a couple hours to produce two short clips on the PC.

I shot some video from the back porch today, downloaded it from the camera, imported it into iMovie and had a complete video to upload to the internet within minutes. As I said, using the Mac is much easier than anything I have worked with on the PC.

I didn’t intend for this post to be an ad for the MacBook, but it sure sounds like it doesn’t it? Here’s the video I took. For some reason there is no HD version of this one on YouTube tonight, so I’m using the one from Vimeo tonight.

Tomorrow’s a new day, and it’s Friday. TGIF.