It Was Nice While It Lasted

My holiday vacation has come to an end and I survived my first day back at work since Christmas Eve. I don’t get much time off from my day job, so the time I did get was pretty nice.

I spent the entire time worrying about my MacBook. The backlight was shorting out and I had to send it off for repair on the 26th. Apple Care is the fastest support system I have experienced in my life.

I called them on Christmas Eve to report the backlight issue. They sent a mail-in repair box, and I sent the MacBook back the same day. The following Monday, they repaired it and sent it back. I had it first thing Tuesday morning. Awesome fast.

I was happy to have it home and spent the day re-aquainting myself with the MacBook. That evening, however, disaster struck. I picked up the MacBook to move to the chair and there was a shattering noise inside the keyboard on the left side. Less than 12 hours after getting it back, I was on the phone making arrangements to send it back.

I sent it off Friday and I should have it back tomorrow sometime, and this time I hope it’s home to stay for a while.

I started this post earlier today, before we ran to the store to pick up cold medicines for the kids. When we got home I realized I was coming down with it too, so now I am taking cold medicines and feel awful. It’s this crazy weather I tell ya. 60 degrees one day, 40 the next. I will be glad when the season settles down a bit.

I was working on a video earlier as well, but forgot to finish the processing on it. It’s not much, just an experiment I wanted to do with time lapse sort of stuff.

Have a great evening.