Eyes Are Opening

For the past year, Barack Obama promised to bring change to Washington, D.C. He promised to bring hope to American families across the country. He inspired people to turn out on election day and it worked. The majority of citizens in the United States believed him and they elected him the 44th President of the United States. Now, after one of the most prolonged and vicious election cycles in our nation’s history, people’s eyes are beginning to open, albeit a tad bit late.

When the news broke that Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich was trying to “make a deal” or sell Barack Obama’s soon to be vacant Senate seat to the highest bidder, Mr. Obama re-assured the American people that he had nothing to do with the scandal that was unfolding in Chicago. He said he was absolutely certain that no one close to him was involved in the alleged plot by the governor.

Mainstream media was quick to jump on the Blagojevich story, bringing all of that Chicago corruption to the forefront and into the living rooms of millions of American families.

When it comes to the media, there is nothing as juicy as a scandal, especially when corrupt Chicago politicians are involved, and they just couldn’t wait to get people’s minds off of the economy, the possibility of an automaker bailout, and the constant reminders that our nation was in the midst of a deep recession.

They turned all of their attention to the developing scandal, but they never banked on the possibility that their chosen one, Barack Obama, just might not be telling the truth.

Although he attempted to end speculation that any members of his staff were involved with the scandal he said he was ordering an internal investigation of them anyway. Why would he order an internal investigation of his staff if he is “absolutely certain” that no one in his office had any involvement in the plot?

It turns out, we didn’t have to wait for the results of Mr. Obama’s internal probe. On Saturday we learned that Rahm Emanuel, Mr. Obama’s Chief of Staff, may have been caught on FBI wire-taps discussing the vacant senate seat with Gov. Blagojevich. There are reports that Mr. Emanuel and Gov. Blagojevich possibly had multiple conversations regarding his appointment to fill Mr. Obama’s seat. The fact that Mr. Emanuel, or his staff, met with the governor, or his staff, or that they discussed filling the seat, does not prove a crime has been committed. It does, however, shed an unfavorable light on Mr. Obama’s Chief of Staff and the statements made by Mr. Obama over the course of the past week.

Some may argue that it was only natural that Mr. Obama, or someone from his staff, would converse with the governor about filling the seat, but some may also argue that sending a list of “acceptable candidates” could be construed as crossing the line.

Some of the conversations (whether caught on tape or not) were held before Mr. Obama was even elected, with Mr. Obama’s knowledge the conversations were occurring. It’s clear that Mr. Obama wanted the matter of his replacement kept within the circle of his friends in Illinois. It’s also clear that he lied when he said, “What I’m absolutely certain about is that our office had no involvement in any dealmaking around my Senate seat”. If there was no “dealmaking”, he would not have sent a list of acceptable candidates now would he?

Mr. Obama may have brought hope to Washington, but he hasn’t even been sworn in and he has already proven that nothing will change when he takes office, although some people may still be hoping.