Nancy Pelosi And Harry Reid Win Again!

John Hawkins, from Right Wing News, conducts polls throughout the year and I am one of the fortunate right-of-center bloggers who is invited to participate in those polls. I’ve been really busy over the past couple weeks and did not get a chance to respond in time to a few of his more recent surveys, but I was able to participate in his latest one, “Right-Of-Center Bloggers Select Their Least Favorite People On The Left“.

In this poll, we were instructed to put together an unranked list of 1 to 12 of our least favorite people on the left, or perceived to be on the left. We could include politicians, journalists, bloggers, pundits, radio show hosts, or anyone else we so desired. The field was open. It didn’t take long for me to make my list and send it off. After sending it, I realized I had forgotten to add one name on the list, and I had only included eleven people. That’s what I get for rushing to get it done.

I was surprised, however, to find all but one of my choices on the final list. That’s quite impressive because my choices don’t always line up with other right-of-center bloggers, and most of my answers don’t usually make the final list. Either I was really in tune with my “inner-right” this weekend, or the people who made the list of “least favorite people on the left” really are that bad.

The one entry I made that didn’t make the list was “Mainstream Media”. I know, my answer was too broad and covered too many people. In all honesty, I didn’t expect to see that one on the list anyway.

So who did make the list? Who is the least favorite person on the left?

The top five includes:

#1 – Nancy Pelosi
#2 – Harry Reid
#3 – Barack Obama
#4 – Keith Olbermann
#5 – Barney Frank

Do the top two entries really surprise you? Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have spent the past year pushing their own agenda, which is not to be confused with the agenda of the American people. The last Congress had the lowest approval ratings in the history of our country, and for good reason. The Democrats swept into power in 2006 with a pocket full of promises that left us with nothing but empty pockets.

The mainstream media has done a very poor job keeping their readers/listeners/viewers informed when it comes to business in Washington. This fact is increasingly evident by the sheer number of people who actually believe Republicans have been in control of Congress since 2001. The number of people who believe that fact astounds me.

People seem to have forgotten all about the 2006 elections, the wins by the Democrats, and the fact that Congress makes the laws and Congress passes the laws.

I am not denying that President Bush did his fair share when it came to screwing things up over the past few years, or the fact that many Republicans on Capitol Hill seem to have lost their backbone when it comes to conservative principles, but there is no denying that the Democrats have been in control of the House and the Senate since 2006. It should come as no surprise that Nanny State Nancy and Scary Harry topped the list.

I do find it surprising that Barack Obama finished in third place above such beloved liberals as Al Gore, George Soros, Jack Murtha John Kerry, and Jimmy Carter. He’s quite the rising star and he hasn’t even taken the oath of office yet.

With Mr. Obama’s actions since the election showing he might be moving more to the center, he’s going to have one heck of a power struggle with Pelosi and Reid if he continues down that path. No matter which path he takes, if he hopes to change Washington’s “business as usual” policies he’s going to have to waste no time in showing both Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid who’s the boss.

You can rest assured that neither one of them are ready to step out of that spotlight anytime soon.