The Obama Presidency

Tonight was an historic night in the United States. Barack Obama has become the first African-American elected to our nation’s highest office. He is also the first Socialist elected to that position.

Barack Obama has proven that all things are possible. He proved that someone with zero executive experience and who associates with known domestic terrorists can be elected President. He has also proven that the American people (at least the majority of them), at this time in history, are more receptive of socialist economic ideas than free market capitalist ideas. But most of all, he has proven that anyone can become President as long as they are willing to lie to the American people, ignore solid inquiries about their proposed tax plans, and have the ability to raise millions upon millions of dollars in order to do so.

I’m sorry if it sounds as if I am being harsh, but I am. I am not impressed with Barack Obama. I never have been. In 2004 he said he was not running for President in 2008. He himself said he did not have enough experience, yet he ran anyway. After winning his party’s nomination, he promised to accept public campaign financing, but he didn’t. I’m sorry, but the fact that he lies so easily does not sit well with me. At the very least, I expect our President to be honest.

When questions arose about the location of his birth, he never answered them. His campaign did release a copy of a birth certificate which was proven to be an altered copy of his sister’s birth certificate. Why didn’t he release a certified copy of his own birth certificate? When an everyday citizen inquired about his proposed tax plan, he allowed his campaign and the media to persecute the man into oblivion. Why did he allow this to happen? When asked to explain his relationship with a known domestic terrorist, he simply said the man was a “guy who lived on his street”, and no explanation was given. His association with William Ayers, the domestic terrorist, was not his only questionable relationship. At the very least, I expect our President to he honorable.

Now that he’s been elected President, let’s review a few of the promises he made during the campaign.

President-Elect Obama has guaranteed health coverage for every American. By any standard, that is a pretty lofty promise. Health care is not cheap. There is no way he will be able to fulfill this promise without raising taxes and completely reforming the entire health care industry. I am a bit worried about this promise because I have yet to find a single country with socialized medicine that doesn’t have more problems in the area of health care than we do.

On top of that guarantee, he has also promised to lower the cost of health coverage for American families by $2,500 annually. He made this promise under the assumption that “government control” equates to “lower costs”. Think about it. When was the last time the government got involved with any program and actually saved you money?

President-Elect Obama has promised to ease the burden on hardworking Americans by offering a middle-class tax cut that is three times the size of John McCain’s plan.

According to Mr. Obama’s own website, Mr. McCain’s plan was to “give Big Oil a $4 billion tax break”. Does that mean he plans to give Big Oil a $12 billion tax break or will he pass that $12 billion on to middle-income America? How does he plan to implement those tax cuts and pay for the health care guarantee mentioned above, and pay for all his other plans and programs? Where is this sudden source of funding (remember, he said he’s not raising taxes) going to come from?

During the campaign, President-Elect Obama also promised to ease our burden at the gas pump by providing American families $1,000 in rebates. So, if you are a member of an American family that is burdened by the cost of gas at the pump, keep your eyes out for that rebate check. Be patient, because I’m sure the check is already in the mail. Of course, with all of the guarantees and promises made before this one, that rebate might not be worth the paper it’s printed on.

Never fear though, you will be okay, because along with this rebate comes the promise of 5 million new jobs in clean energy technologies. Don’t worry about the fact that new jobs are normally generated by businesses and corporations not by government mandate. Ignore the fact that he never really defined what types of jobs he would create, I’m sure he’s holding one just for you.

President-Elect Obama has numerous other plans in the works as well. In fact, he has so many plans to expand government, like homeownership protection, small business support, bankruptcy law reform, jump starting the economy and many more, that it would take me hours just to list them all here. Funny thing too, since each of these plans will cost more and more of our money, and each of these plans will increase the overall size of our government.

Pardon me if I am not enthused about any of his proposed plans. Many of Mr. Obama’s plans will increase the role of government in our lives, which is what any good socialist would do, and seeing that he used to be a bona-fide member of the Socialist party, forgive me if I am more than a bit skeptical of his motives.

President-Elect Obama has promised to cut taxes and spending. He can’t do either one of those if he increases the role of the government in our lives. When was the last time the government ran anything efficiently and cost effectively?

So which is it, Mr. Obama? Will you increase the size of the government and the role it plays in our lives, or will you cut taxes? Your promises to the American people guarantee us that you will do both, and there is simply no way you can do both. It just isn’t possible.

I’m putting President-Elect Obama on notice. On January 20th he will take the oath of office which states,

“I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

Mr. Obama should remember those words when he makes his decisions about the direction our country will take. He should remember the Constitution before he imposes laws and regulations that will help smother it.

Like every President before him, Barack Obama will be expected to do the best he can, not the best for him, but the best for our country. When he takes that oath in January, I am going to hold him to his word, because in addition to being honest and honorable, I expect our President to be trustworthy.