So Many Questions, So Little Time

In 11 days we will be choosing the next President of the United States. Well, we won’t be choosing him, the Electoral College will be choosing him, but they will do so based on our votes from state to state.

Doesn’t it seem like the candidates have been campaigning for four years or so? No, it couldn’t be that long, because four years ago, Barack Obama said he wasn’t qualified to serve as President. He said he was a firm believer that you need to know what you are doing when you apply for a job, and that he would have to start running for President right then and there before ever serving a day in the Senate. I think that’s exactly what he did, don’t you?

I have election fatigue. I am tired of it all. I am tired of turning on the television in the morning and hearing about the polls. I am tired of turning on the television or the radio, only to be inundated with ads. But most of all, I am tired of the political double-speak.

I am tired of hearing one thing and seeing another. I am tired of listening to Barack Obama say something about his plans, only to read those plans myself and learn they are completely different than he said they were in his speech.

There is only so much time before the election, and I am sure many questions will go unanswered. My question is, “Why?” Why hasn’t the media been asking questions? Why hasn’t the media been hunting down answers? Why are people so quick to give Barack Obama the benefit of the doubt without knowing anything about him? There are so many questions about Barack Obama that should be answered before election day but the media has no interest in telling you the truth.

The person who is elected President of the United States must serve our country faithfully, never wavering, fulfilling many responsibilities, facing extreme challenges, handling the stress that comes with being the leader of the free world, and making decisions that not only affect our nation as a whole, but those that are right for the people of the United States.

I was reading a time line of Barack Obama’s life and I realized there are many more questions than even I had thought of before starting this post. You may want to read the time line for yourself, before election day. Just in case. You can never be too educated before casting your vote.

Questions about Mr. Obama’s past begin with the day he was born. Philip Berg has filed suit in Pennsylvania, claiming that Obama was born in Kenya, not Hawaii. As part of the proceedings of the lawsuit, the court ordered Obama to produce a “vault” copy of his birth certificate within 30 days. That deadline has now passed. By not producing the evidence within the time frame allowed, has Barack Obama inadvertently admitted he was born in Kenya? I know it sounds ridiculous, but that’s how it works with the courts. If you fail to produce the discovery documentation, the case is usually ruled for the other side. Was he born in Hawaii? Is he a legal citizen of the United States? That question could be answered if Mr. Obama would just produce an official copy of his birth certificate. But he hasn’t, so we are left wondering.

Over the course of the past year, we have learned about numerous relationships Barack Obama has had with questionable characters. Does it matter who he associates (or associated) with? Yes it does. He is running for President of the United States, not Senior Class President. It matters if he associates with extremists, known domestic terrorists, and convicted criminals. We have to be able to trust him, we have to know that he will do his best to protect the interests of the United States.

How can we trust him when he says William Ayers is “just a guy who lives in my neighborhood”, yet he shared an office with Ayers for three years, served on boards with him, reviewed his book, and who knows what else. Does this mean Obama is a terrorist? Of course not, but we don’t know because he won’t reveal the extent of his relationship with Ayers. Again, we are left wondering.

Does it matter that Barack Obama attended Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s church for 20 years while he (Rev. Wright) was delivering some of the most vile, anti-American sermons I have ever heard? Does it matter that Barack Obama had real estate deals with Tony Rezko, who has since been convicted of fraud and other charges? Was Mr. Obama friends with these men? To what extent did he associate with them? Does associating with them make him an anti-American or a criminal? Of course not, but we don’t know for sure, because, yes, you guessed it, he won’t talk about it. Here we are wondering again.

We have learned some things about Barack Obama’s past and his positions.

We have learned that he was a bona-fide member of the Democratic Socialists Of America.

We have learned that he does not regret the “spread the wealth” comment he made last week. In fact, if you watch this video from 1995, you’ll learn he has been promoting that idea for a long time now.

We have learned that he once blamed white greed for inner city poverty.

We have learned that he lied during the final Presidential debate, when it came to the Born Alive Infant Protection Act, as well as a few other topics.

In my opinion, the things we know already make him unqualified to serve as President, but it’s the things we don’t know that make me even more uneasy. Why won’t he be 100% honest with the American people? What is he hiding? What’s up with similarities in the Obama campaign logo and the Weather Eye logo from the Weather Underground? Are there more questionable relationships we don’t know about? What other organizations is he associated with?

Are people afraid to ask these questions? They all saw what happened to Samuel J. Wurzelbacher, aka ‘Joe The Plumber’, when he asked a simple question. Can you imagine what would happen if anyone asked one of these difficult questions?

We’re on the threshold of a new Presidency, and we still don’t know much about one of the two men who might be President. We still have so many questions, but we’re running out of time. Shouldn’t we know all this before election day?