Seriously Thinking About Pigs

I just got done listening to Barack Obama make remarks about this whole ‘lipstick on a pig’ fiasco. He started his remarks by implying that the McCain campaign has taken this and twisted it.

Sorry Barry O, this had nothing to do with the McCain campaign. It had nothing to do with any political organization. It has to do with you and you alone. This is no made-up controversy orchestrated by your opponent. Oh sure, you dropped the ball and they are running with it now, but the fumble was yours, and you need to deal with it.

Stop boo-hooing about being “swift-boated” on this, because you weren’t. If anyone “swift-boated” you, you did it yourself when thousands of people actually heard the words come out of your own mouth. They heard your tone, they heard your inflection and they took your comment as it sounded. You just didn’t expect the backlash to be so strong.

Am I wrong?

When you made the pig comment the crowd listening to you (your own supporters) erupted in laughter. They knew what you meant, I think we all did. Are you saying your own supporters are stupid? Did they all take what you said the wrong way?

My mother, a lifelong Democrat, heard your remarks and thought they were “very crude and rude”. My wife, also a lifelong Democrat, heard your remarks and thought “that was very rude and uncalled for”. Were they wrong? I don’t think so.

But, it doesn’t stop there. Thousands of people around the nation took offense to your comment. This was apparent by the sudden blogstorm that hit the internet. Conservatives, Independents, and Liberals all knew what you meant. Now you say you didn’t mean it that way?

Maybe that is true. If it is, people need to do some serious thinking.

Should we trust you to be President when your words might not mean what you say?

Can we afford to take a chance on you saying something that might get lost in translation when addressing something that’s really important?

How can we be sure that everything else you have said over the course of this campaign wasn’t misconstrued or taken the wrong way?

Your comment was rude, it was crude, it was uncalled for, and you knew better. As a Harvard graduate I think you know how to speak, and I’m pretty sure you know what those words mean when they leave your lips. Unless of course you’re denying that now too.