American Energy & The Pelosi Factor

Nancy Pelosi is finally talking energy. The problem is, she’s up to her usual tricks again.

The House of Representatives will vote on an energy package this week that would open the coasts of at least four southeastern states to offshore drilling, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said on Tuesday.

The bill, which has not yet been introduced, also would provide funding for conservation and renewable energy and repeal some tax cuts for the oil industry.

Today is Tuesday. She says the House will vote on her energy package this week. She is not even going to consider a vote on the American Energy Act. No discussion, no debate, and no vote.

No one has even seen her bill yet. Let’s pretend it is introduced in the House tomorrow, how in the heck does she think the bill can make it through committee, floor discussions, amendments, and all of the other procedural motions before Friday?

Oh, that’s right, she controls the House and I almost forgot her definition of ‘procedure’. Her bill will never see a committee. Her bill won’t be discussed on the House floor. Amendments will not be allowed. She will simply bring it to the floor for a vote, in typical Pelosi style.

To hell with procedure, she’s the Speaker of the House dammit, and she’s going to do it her way.

Wake up people. This is not how things are supposed to be done in the people’s House. Do some research. There is a normal procedural order for handling new legislation. Nancy Pelosi has circumvented that procedure everyday she has been in control of the House.

She has no intention of allowing a real debate on an all-of-the-above energy solution or any real energy solution. She has no intention of allowing debate or amendments on her own bill, or any bill for that matter. She’s simply going to bring it to the floor and shove it down the throat of the American people.

I am sick of this. This has nothing to do with being Democrat or Republican. This has nothing to do with who’s side you are on. It has everything to do with doing the job the American people elected you to do, and reaching a concensus on issues facing the Amercian people.

There can be no concensus if she won’t follow procedure. There can be no concensus if she won’t allow debate. There can be no consensus if she won’t allow up-or-down votes on amendments to the bills that are introduced.

I’m tired of hearing about these backroom deals and these compromises. How do you compromise before you even introduce the bill? This is ridiculous. Nancy Pelosi’s style of ‘leadership’ stinks so bad I can smell it all the way down here in Georgia.