Respect, Responsibility & 12,000 Flags

What is it about honesty that makes some people act stupid?

In my previous post I referenced an article in the Denver Post about the recycling of over 12,000 flags that were found in trash bags after the Democratic National Convention.

Rather than just admit that someone screwed up, some nutball with the Democratic National Convention Committee has decided to lie about the whole issue.

They are now claiming that the 12,000 flags found in trash bags in and around dumpsters were “bundled” for return to the manufacturer.

What manufacturer do you know that takes back products in Hefty bags?

If they were to be returned to the manufacturer, why did they sit near the trash in trash bags for eight days?

It’s very clear that these flags were meant for the trash. All you have to do is look at the photographic evidence. In addition to the photo in my previous post, there are more at RedState.

If that one doesn’t convince you, click the link to RedState, there are more for you to see.

Why not just tell the truth? If the cleanup crew screwed up, why not just say so? Is honesty that difficult?

The Obama campaign responded with some mumbo jumbo about a plot to take the flags without authorization to make Barack Obama look less patriotic.

Honestly? What are we supposed to think? Does the Obama campaign really think we’re so stupid that we’ll believe these flags were properly taken care of? That they were destined for return to the manufacturer?

This isn’t solely about patriotism, it’s about respect and responsibility, two additional traits which seem to be foreign to the Obama campaign.