12,000 Scraps Of Cloth

As a child, I learned about our nation’s flag. I learned about its history, I learned what it means to us as a nation. I learned that our flag represents the very heart of our nation, and I learned what the flag means to those who have fought and died beneath it.

I was never taught to respect the American flag. I just did. You cannot teach respect. Respect comes naturally.

I hold our flag in great esteem. The flag, with its stripes, represents the very founding of our nation. The stars on the flag represent all of the states that have made their contribution to our great nation. Put them together and the flag represents all of the untold battles fought in the name of our country, for our freedom.

I didn’t learn to to respect the flag from a Democrat or a Republican, I grew to respect it from the lessons taught by a patriotic teacher (who may have or not have been a democrat or a republican). Respect does not belong to a political party.

The picture above shows just some of the 12,000 small flags that were simply ‘thrown away’ after use at the Democratic National Convention.

Some may argue that the flags in the photograph are nothing more than little scraps of cloth ‘made in Taiwan’. Some may also say that it’s the symbol of freedom that we fight to protect, not the physical pieces of cloth that we display. Either way, I’m sorry. I don’t accept those answers.

I have a huge issue with our nation’s symbol being manufactured in some foreign land far from our shores, but that is a topic for another post.

No matter where the flag is made, no matter what “scraps of cloth” are used to make it, and no matter how you obtained it, once you choose to display that flag, whether on your car, on a flag pole, or in your hand at a political convention, it becomes the symbol that we have fought to protect throughout our nation’s history.

When was the last time you wondered where a flag was made when you saw it waving in the wind? When was the last time you thought of flags as “scraps of cloth” when you see them waving in a crowd? Probably never. Unless of course you’re like the guy who decided to throw away 12,000 symbols of our nation’s freedom.