John McCain Picks Sarah Palin

Today, John McCain announces Sarah Palin as his running mate for vice-president.

Sarah Palin is an excellent choice, and honestly, one of my two preferences for the job. Mrs. Palin has served as Governor of Alaska since 2006, giving her executive experience, even if only two years worth.

Before serving as Governor, Mrs. Palin ws appointed Ethics Commissioner of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, by then Governor Frank Murkowski. She served in that position from 2003-2004, when she resigned because of the ‘lack of ethics’ of her fellow Alaskan Republican leaders. She has proven she is a woman of ethics, that’s for sure.

Sarah Palin is educated and she in not a lawyer. She holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism with a minor in politics.

When she was pregnant with her son Trig, she and her husband, Todd, were informed the baby possessed an extra chromosome and would have Down’s Syndrome. Rather than choosing to end Trig’s life at that early stage of the pregnancy, she chose to welcome him into the world with open arms.

Sarah Palin is an educated, proven leader with executive experience and an honest and ethical core. She hunts, fishes, and eats mooseburger. I wonder if that tastes like buffaloburger?

Congratulations Mrs. Palin. Good luck in November!