Tossing Change Out The Window

By now you’ve heard that Barack Obama has chosen Joe Biden as his vice-presidential running mate. Some think Biden was a good choice, others not so much. Let’s put some things in perspective here.

For months, Barack Obama has been sending a message of hope and change to people across the nation. He has promised a new America. He has spent the better part of this year railing against “Washington insiders” convincing voters that he was bringing something different to the White House, something new and full of hope.

Instead, he’s bringing Joe Biden. A six-term U.S. Senator.

Joe Biden was first elected to the senate in 1972. In comparison, Dick Cheney was first elected to the House of Representatives in 1978. This makes Joe Biden more of a “Washington insider” than Dick Cheney. So much for new.

In 1988 while running for President, Joe Biden was caught plagiarizing a speech, and then within days it was discovered that he had also plagiarized a law review article while in his first year of law school. He dropped out of the race following those accusations. So much for hope.

Joe Biden voted for the final resolution to support the war in Iraq. He has consistently supported appropriations to pay for it and has argued repeatedly to increase the number of soldiers in Iraq. So much for change.

It is being said today that Barack Obama chose Joe Biden as his running mate because he brings solid foreign affairs credentials to the campaign. Well, he also brings a lot of baggage from inside Washington. Baggage that will most likely weigh down the campaign. Baggage that Barack Obama should have left at the curb.

As a right-leaning independent voter, I can’t help but think that Obama has just harpooned his own campaign.