The Vacationing Barack Obama

Did you see this? Apparently, in addition to forgetting how many states we have, Barack Obama also loses track of time.

Although he has run what is widely acclaimed to be one of the most impressive campaigns in years, Democrats live in fear of Mr Obama falling prey to the kinds of accident that derailed predecessors in earlier cycles.

“During the middle of a campaign you are always worried about taking some time off – that’s the nature of the job,” Mr Obama told reporters this week. “But you know I have been going pretty much straight for 18 months now.”

That sounds good right? Heck, the poor guy has been busting his ass for 18 months. It’s time for a vacation, right? Well. Umm… Yeah… Okay…

Barack Obama’s campaign maintained its cone of silence today about the candidate’s whereabouts, but ABC News got it right — an Associated Press dispatch confirms that he has escaped the rigors of politicking for a short vacation in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

The AP story reports that an unnamed territorial official verified that “Obama was in St. Thomas, the most populated island. Tourists said they spotted him on the beach Sunday.”

Now granted, that was only for 3 days, but it was, technically, a vacation. Hell, it’s more of a vacation than I have had since October of last year, and no, I have no problem calculating time, my last vacation was really in October of last year.

I wish I would have taken my vacation in March, at least then the gas was still affordable enough I could have actually gone somewhere.