Bring Congress Back To Work

Did you catch what happened in the House on Friday? If you missed watching/listening/reading it live, then you missed an historic event in our nation’s history. Republican members of the House found their backbone, and stoop up in protest of the Democratic majority’s decision to recess for 5 weeks rather than discuss energy, oiol, drilling, or alternative energy solutions.

I covered all this with the video I made yesterday, Don’t Go.

One question that I haven’t been able to find the answer for, however, is just who stayed behind and who spoke on the House floor. If you know of a list of those Representatives who stayed behind and spoke on behalf of the American people, please let me know. All I have thus far is the roll call from the vote to adjourn.

You can visit the House of Representatives website and view the roll call vote, which adjourned the House for 5 weeks while we still have no plan to ease the energy crisis, no plan for alternative energy sources, no plan on drilling to get us through until we can develop alternative energy sources, nothing. The vote was 213-197.

Republican Congressmen Wayne Gilchrest (MD-1) and Walter Jones(NC-3) should be ashamed of themselves for voting with Democrats to adjourn without addressing the needs of the American people.

I’ve heard rumors that the rebellion will continue tomorrow. If it does, I will do my best to keep you up to date. I know I will be calling Speaker Pelosi’s office and the White House all week, demanding that Congress come back to work.