I Finally Get It!

For months I have said that this presidential election would come down to the candidates’ choice for vice-president. I know, it’s crazy isn’t it? Who bases their choice for President of the United States on that person’s choice in a running mate? I’m not sure if anyone else does, but this year, I do.

I do not like Barack Obama. I never have. With all his talk of hope, change, and inspiration, I have yet to hear him state a single thing he will do that fills me with hope. I have yet to hear him tell me what he is going to change that will actually make things different. I have yet to hear him say anything that inspires me to vote for him. Don’t get mad, I am just being honest.

Now, here’s another tidbit you will love.

I do not like John McCain either. I never have. He has worked hard on the opposite side of many issues that are important to me. For years he has been known as a RINO in Washington. A Republican In Name Only. While it’s true that he has an exemplary record when it comes to some conservative issues, I have a hard time reconciling that record with his record on many issues like illegal immigration and energy.

Both candidates have now chosen their vice-presidential running mates.

Barack Obama chose Joseph Biden, the senator from Delaware. I found nothing hopeful in that decision. Joe Biden has been in Washington since 1972, where is the change? Truth be told, I do not find the Obama-Biden ticket to be inspiring at all.

John McCain chose Sarah Palin, the governor of Alaska. And now, I finally get it.

For the past year I have heard Barack Obama talk about hope. I saw that hope today when Sarah Palin walked out and greeted the crowd in Dayton, Ohio. For the first time since this election cycle started I have hope that America might not be going to hell in a hand-basket.

In addition to hope, Barack Obama has spoken of change. Nothing embodies the word change more than Sarah Palin. She is known as a barracuda on the basketball court, and as governor she spent her time cleaning up corruption in the state of Alaska. If any of the candidates, for president or vice-president, represent the true possibility that things can change, it’s her.

It’s an understatement to say that I haven’t been inspired much this election cycle. I threw my support behind Fred Thompson when he announced his candidacy only to find that Fred really didn’t want the job. Since then, I haven’t endorsed a single candidate on the national level, and I had no intention to do so. Neither Barack Obama nor John McCain have inspired me in the slightest, and truth be told, until today I was planning to vote for a third-party candidate. But John McCain chose Sarah Palin and inspired me.

Barack Obama was right. We can have hope for the future. We can change things. We can be inspired. Thank you Senator McCain for choosing Sarah Palin as your running mate.

John McCain Picks Sarah Palin

Today, John McCain announces Sarah Palin as his running mate for vice-president.

Sarah Palin is an excellent choice, and honestly, one of my two preferences for the job. Mrs. Palin has served as Governor of Alaska since 2006, giving her executive experience, even if only two years worth.

Before serving as Governor, Mrs. Palin ws appointed Ethics Commissioner of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, by then Governor Frank Murkowski. She served in that position from 2003-2004, when she resigned because of the ‘lack of ethics’ of her fellow Alaskan Republican leaders. She has proven she is a woman of ethics, that’s for sure.

Sarah Palin is educated and she in not a lawyer. She holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism with a minor in politics.

When she was pregnant with her son Trig, she and her husband, Todd, were informed the baby possessed an extra chromosome and would have Down’s Syndrome. Rather than choosing to end Trig’s life at that early stage of the pregnancy, she chose to welcome him into the world with open arms.

Sarah Palin is an educated, proven leader with executive experience and an honest and ethical core. She hunts, fishes, and eats mooseburger. I wonder if that tastes like buffaloburger?

Congratulations Mrs. Palin. Good luck in November!

The Pro-Forma Session

Republicans are standing in front of the microphone everyday asking Nancy Pelosi to call Congress back into session so they can begin debate on the American Energy Act.

A few of these representatives have called on the President to do so, since Mrs. Pelosi has no intention of doing it. The problem is, he cannot do it. The President cannot call Congress back into session if either the House or the Senate are in session.

Harry Reid has made sure that the Senate is kept in “pro forma session” to keep the President from making recess appointments, and ironically, calling Congress back into session to discuss energy solutions.

Tossing Change Out The Window

By now you’ve heard that Barack Obama has chosen Joe Biden as his vice-presidential running mate. Some think Biden was a good choice, others not so much. Let’s put some things in perspective here.

For months, Barack Obama has been sending a message of hope and change to people across the nation. He has promised a new America. He has spent the better part of this year railing against “Washington insiders” convincing voters that he was bringing something different to the White House, something new and full of hope.

Instead, he’s bringing Joe Biden. A six-term U.S. Senator.

Joe Biden was first elected to the senate in 1972. In comparison, Dick Cheney was first elected to the House of Representatives in 1978. This makes Joe Biden more of a “Washington insider” than Dick Cheney. So much for new.

In 1988 while running for President, Joe Biden was caught plagiarizing a speech, and then within days it was discovered that he had also plagiarized a law review article while in his first year of law school. He dropped out of the race following those accusations. So much for hope.

Joe Biden voted for the final resolution to support the war in Iraq. He has consistently supported appropriations to pay for it and has argued repeatedly to increase the number of soldiers in Iraq. So much for change.

It is being said today that Barack Obama chose Joe Biden as his running mate because he brings solid foreign affairs credentials to the campaign. Well, he also brings a lot of baggage from inside Washington. Baggage that will most likely weigh down the campaign. Baggage that Barack Obama should have left at the curb.

As a right-leaning independent voter, I can’t help but think that Obama has just harpooned his own campaign.

Don’t Touch Those Twinkies

Attention Parents: If you just cannot take parenting for another moment, you have a way out.

Yes, you now have an option if you just can’t take parenting anymore. Yes, there is a way for you to escape the hassle of raising the child you brought into the world. Yes, you have an “out” when it comes to being the responsible parent everyone else says you have to be.

Are you tired of trying to make enough money to put food on the table for your kids?

Have you had it with your teenager causing you more grief than you care to admit?

Don’t you wish you could just say “enough is enough” and go back to the days when you were young and carefree and didn’t have all that responsibility holding you down?

Well, don’t you worry for another minute. The state of Nebraska has just initiated a new program that will eliminate all aspects of parental responsibility, just for you.

Nebraska’s new “safe-haven” law allowing parents to abandon unwanted children at hospitals with no questions asked is unique in a significant way: It goes beyond babies and potentially permits the abandonment of anyone under 19.

That’s right. Gone are the days of “doing the responsible thing”, or living up to the expectations of society. Society (in Nebraska anyway) no longer requires you to fulfill your obligation as a parent. As long as you don’t abuse them or hurt them in any way, you are now free to abandon them at any hospital in the state. Awesome huh?

So the next time you come home to find that your 15 year old ate all of the Hostess Twinkies, don’t smack him upside his head, just haul his ass up to your closest hospital and be done with the little bastard. It’s all about you man. Those are your Twinkies!

The Vacationing Barack Obama

Did you see this? Apparently, in addition to forgetting how many states we have, Barack Obama also loses track of time.

Although he has run what is widely acclaimed to be one of the most impressive campaigns in years, Democrats live in fear of Mr Obama falling prey to the kinds of accident that derailed predecessors in earlier cycles.

“During the middle of a campaign you are always worried about taking some time off – that’s the nature of the job,” Mr Obama told reporters this week. “But you know I have been going pretty much straight for 18 months now.”

That sounds good right? Heck, the poor guy has been busting his ass for 18 months. It’s time for a vacation, right? Well. Umm… Yeah… Okay…

Barack Obama’s campaign maintained its cone of silence today about the candidate’s whereabouts, but ABC News got it right — an Associated Press dispatch confirms that he has escaped the rigors of politicking for a short vacation in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

The AP story reports that an unnamed territorial official verified that “Obama was in St. Thomas, the most populated island. Tourists said they spotted him on the beach Sunday.”

Now granted, that was only for 3 days, but it was, technically, a vacation. Hell, it’s more of a vacation than I have had since October of last year, and no, I have no problem calculating time, my last vacation was really in October of last year.

I wish I would have taken my vacation in March, at least then the gas was still affordable enough I could have actually gone somewhere.