“Saving California” Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has come up with a sure-fire way to destroy the California economy.

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is threatening to pay thousands of state employees the federal minimum wage of $6.55 an hour until lawmakers reach a deal on California’s overdue state budget.

Ha! Let’s see. Here’s are my predictions if he actually did this.

#1 – On the day he announces his plan is going into effect, 10% of the state’s employees will quit. (They just can’t afford to work there anymore).

#2 – On the first payday under the new plan, of those who didn’t quit another 10% would decide to quit. (Look at the money the state will saving in salary expenses).

#3 – Because of that first paycheck, 90% of the state’s employees won’t be able to make their next house payment. Have you seen the prices of houses in California? (Uh oh. Someone better warn Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac that they will be needing to tap the American taxpayers for some more support very soon).

#4 – Twenty-five percent of those employees who didn’t tell Schwarzenegger to stuff it will file lawsuits against the State of California, Gov. Schwarzenegger, and anyone else involved with the hairbrained scheme, telling them to stuff it. They won’t like being forced to loan the state money, or the undue financial burden that is placed on them because lawmakers couldn’t learn to work together. (This will end up costing the state 3 times the amount saved by cutting the salaries in the first place).

#5 – Schools will be forced to close because the teachers, who make peanuts as it is, know how to subtract and will realize how screwed up the governor’s plan really is. (Imagine how much money the state will save if entire schools are forced to close).

#6 – Banks and finance companies will be hiring new foreclosure and repossession personnel to handle all the houses and vehicles that will be abandoned. (Wow, the governor thought of everything, just think, some of the state employees might be able to nab these jobs).

#7 – Cities will begin to feel the “trickle down” effect because people won’t be spending as much money, therefore shuttering a few private businesses along the way. (But that won’t matter. Due to the governors “cost saving” measures, cities will feel the pinch and be forced to cut their budgets on everything from non-essential personnel to public safety and other essential personnel long before the politicians in Sacramento get around to working on a solution).

#8 – Politicians on both sides will argue for years, assigning blame and making spectacles of themselves over something they could have settled long before Gov. Schwarzenegger had time to think of such a hairbrained scheme. (Like politicians ever do anything besides assigning blame and making spectacles of themselves).

#9 – Arnold Schwarzenegger’s political career will end.

There you have it. Those are my predicitions for the state of California if Gov. Schwarzenegger is permitted to enact his plan.

What? Do I sound a bit extreme? Everything is extreme in California.