I Voted

Yesterday was our “official” primary day. You know, the day when you vote for candidates not running for president for 2 years.

I have to say, with the exception of one race, I am quite happy with the way things turned out. One thing that annoys me though is the number of candidates unopposed in the primary. Why the hell do they waste the time to put their names on the ballet? Seriously.

There were at least 15 candidates listed with no one running against them in the primary. Since they are unopposed, they automatically face their challenger from the other party in the general, so why bother making thousands of people select their name on the ballot?

Maybe it’s a test to see how many of us vote for someone when they are the only choice? Who knows. Anyway, back to the primary.

Vicki Bearden won in the primary race for Tax Commissioner (remember, she is the only candidate I have officially endorsed this campaign season). Congratulations Vicki! Good luck in the general as well.

My choice for County Commissioner also won. Her name is Ashley Hendrix. I have to be honest though, I really only voted for her so one of her opponents wouldn’t win. I really, really, didn’t want him to win. Thank God that scare is over. I won’t get into details, but it’s suffice to say I am happy with the outcome.

The one race I am not too happy with was the Democratic race for U.S. Senate, where Vernon Jones captured 40% of the vote over Jim Martin’s 34%. Now those two have to have a run-off, and I just can’t imagine why people are actually voting for Vernon Jones.

Way to go people, now the two candidates have to keep putting ads on the air, and honestly, there’s only so much Vernon Jones a person can take.

Oh, and I still have no idea what I’m going to do where the Presidential candidates are concerned.